Holiday Project - Plastic Canvas Angel

Materials: 1-4 1/4" Plastic Canvas

6 yds. White, (or color of choice)
worsted weight or Needleloft Yarn

1 - 1" Silver Christmas Ball
with Hanging Wire Attached to Ball

From edge of circle, count down 5 holes and trim
inner part of circle. There should be 88 holes
around outside of ring and 64 holes around inside of ring.
With remaining center piece, cut down four holes
and trim around center circle. Center circle is
the halo. Cut out middle of center circle. Circle
should be 2 holes high, with 26 holes around outer
edge and 20 holes on inner rim (for halo).

With yarn, stitch long
stitches over entire body circle,
overcast outer edge and inner edge.

Stitch smaller circle
(halo), overcast outer edge
and inner edge.

Tack halo to "body" circle

Fold body circle in half,
pushing top edge through center hole, twice.

Glue 1" ornament to angel
body, glue halo to top of ornament

Tie 12" piece of yarn into
bow, tack or glue bow
to front of angel at neck edge,
just under ball.

Variations for Plastic Canvas Angel

Stitch Angel in white, dot edge of
dress and halo with glue, sprinkle with glitter.
Dot edge of dress and halo with glow-in-the-dark
paint, for a unique effect when the lights
are turned off.
Personalize Angel.
String alphabet beads
with individual's name,
attach to front of angel

Stitch angel in pink
or blue, add "Baby's First
Christmas" in beads

Stitch angel in purple

Stitch angel with rafia,
use wooden bead for head

Angel on left is stitched
from circle remaining from
cut-out halo. Sew pin back to
angel for holiday angel pin.

Stitch angel with metallic
silver or gold, use silver
or gold glitter ball for head

Stitch angel with red
yarn, use silver ball for head

Use red, white, blue
yarn to stitch angel body
Paint face on wooden
ball for head, glue yarn hair
on top of head, glue yarn loop to
top of head for hanger.

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