Food Trivia

  • It takes 50 gallons of maple sap to make one gallon of maple syrup

  • Tootsie Rolls were the first wrapped penny candy in America

  • Cabbage is 91 percent water

  • It takes about 2,000 coffee cherries to provide enough beans for a pound of coffee

  • The average American drinks 25 gallons a milk per year

  • There are over 400 varities of natural cheeses

  • In Japan, the most popular topping for pizza at Domino's Pizza is Squid

  • The candy bar "Baby Ruth" was named after the daughter of U.S. president Grover Cleveland in 1921

  • Everyday, birds eat 1/2 their own weight in food

  • The pineapple is a sign of hospitality

  • The Massachusetts state beverage is Cranberry Juice

  • Ruth Wakefield of Massachusetts invented the chocolate chip cookie in 1930

  • True Vegetarians will eat nothing from an animal, cooked or processed

  • An apple tree is at its prime when it is about 50 years old

  • The strawberry is the only agricultural product that bears its seeds on the outside

  • The world's rarest coffee (Kopi Luwak from Indonesia) costs $300 a pound

  • Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries

  • The lollipop was developed by the Bradley-Smith Candy Co.

  • An ear of corn always has an even number of rows
    because of the genetic formula which divides the cells.

  • Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza each day.

  • A hard-boiled egg will spin. An uncooked or soft-boiled egg will not.

  • An ounce of chocolate contains about 20 mg. of caffeine

  • Milk is actually considered a food, not a beverage.

  • The banana is the most prolific of all food plants with as many
    as 300 bananas growing on the same stalk.

  • Pumpkins contain potassium and are a great source of Vitamin A

  • Turkey is the only native poultry breed of the Western Hemisphere.

  • Male Turkeys are called "Toms", female turkeys are called "Hens"
    and baby turkeys are called "poults" or "pullets".

  • 45 million turkeys are consumed each year at Thanksgiving,
    compared to 22 million at Christmas.

  • On average, each American eats more than 17 pounds of turkey annually

  • In 1947, the first Presidential pardon was ceremoniously given to a turkey.

  • Marshmallows are made of sugar, corn syrup and gelatin.

  • Dark chocolate is better for you than milk chocolate as it has
    much better anti-oxidant properties.

  • Although dates are thought of as a dried fruit, they are actually fresh.

  • Pepperoni is America's favorite pizza topping.

  • Chocolate manufacturers currently use 40% of the world's almonds
    and 20% of the world's peanuts.

  • Three carrots give you enough energy to walk three miles.

  • The average American eats about 26 pounds of bananas a year.

  • Vanilla extract is derived from fermented and dried pods of several species of orchids.

  • California grows 90% of the U.S. Avocado crop.

  • Potato chips are America's most favorite snack food.

  • Nabisco's Oreo Cookies are the world's best selling brand of cookie.

  • Sliced bread was introduced under the Wonder Bread label in 1930.

  • The ice cream soda was invented in 1874 by Robert Green in Philadelphia.

  • Blueberries are one of three fruits native to North America.
    The other two are cranberries and Concord Grapes.

  • The pound cake got its name from the pound of butter it contained.

  • Hostess Twinkies were invented in 1931 by James Dewar.

  • Honey is the only food that does not spoil

  • In the United States, a pound of potato chips cost
    200 times more than a pound of potatoes.

  • Eggs contain nearly every nutrient known to be essential to humans.

  • Eight medium strawberries contain 140% of the U.S. RDA for
    Vitamin C-- more than a single orange.

  • Coffee is the most popular beverage worldwide with 400 billion cups consumed each year.

  • Carrots were the first vegetable to be canned commercially

  • Washington State grows more sweet cherries than any other state.

  • Asparagus comes from a Greek word meaning sprout.

  • Wheat is the most widely grown plant in the world.

  • Every part of the watermelon is edible, including the seeds and rind.

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