Puppet Pattern Books

CAREER-1 includes patterns for a nurse, fireman, construction worker, farmer, policeman,
princess, football player, cowboy, forest ranger, astronaut, artist and soldier.

BOOK ONE includes patterns for a cow, bear, mermaid, dinosaur, pirate,
dog, bee, panda bear, pig, cat, chef and clown.

SEASONAL BOOK includes patterns for Uncle Sam, Pilgrims, Gingerbread Boy and
Gingerbread Girl, reindeer, Mr. & Mrs. Santa, Snowman, Turkey, Witch.

INTERNATIONAL BOOK includes patterns for Spanish, Scottish, Russian, Japanese, American Indian,
Polynesian, Gypsy, German, Dutch, Chinese, African, Arabian


Puppet Pattern Packets

PUPPET PATTERN PACKET has patterns for 3 puppets (Young Lad, Wizard and Owl),
with an original song to go with each puppet.

Puppet Patterns



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